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Cleaning your house

Turn off the Lights

I try to clean my house on Mondays because my daughter and I are usually the least busy on Mondays and because I generally don’t want to waste the whole weekend cleaning… what a drag. Cleaning feels so good when it is done but it is hard to get into the mood to want to do it. I am decently motivated this week however, because Christmas is coming!!

How to clean your washing machine

How to clean your washing machine- how to clean things

On my list this week is cleaning my washing machine, that thing needs a good bleaching and I found this great article via pinterest with tips on how to clean different types of washing machines

Shower Cleaner

Shower Cleaner- Joyful Homemaking

This is a cool idea for the shower and I tried it and it does work really well, simply add vinegar and dishsoap into scrubber sponges (half & half mixture) and use to clean the shower while you’re in there

House Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist- list template

And lastly, I like these lists as a guide or just a reminder of things that need to be cleaned here and there. If I could only get into a good rhythm then it wouldn’t be sooooo much cleaning every time! Maybe next year!!

Clean house checklist

Clean house checklist


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