how to choose paint colors that mean something

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Choosing paint colors can be daunting to some but I think it is fun and a great expression of your style. Nothing can uplift your environment as much as a new paint scheme.

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To choose colors for your rooms first think of how you want that room to feel. Is it important for the room to feel sophisticated or vibrant, calm or busy?

In other countries people use these rich tones with no regard but it seems like in the US we are often scared and stick to the traditional white color wheel which can be a little monotonous at times. I think it is fun to try to bring in color that really speaks to you, think of your travels, what have you seen that you can identify with? Personally, I love bright Italian and Greek color schemes, they make me feel lighter, happier and sun-shiny.

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Another way to choose paint colors is to draw from a piece of art or a wall hanging of some type that you really love. You can choose one color from a piece of art that is brilliant or even subdued and find a close match in the paint section. Your selection doesn’t have to be so intense that it overpowers you but your art should be a reflection of your style so it is a great place to look for different color combinations.

Architecture in Santorini- wzphotography

Additionally, try adding a bold accent like a stripe all the way around your room for a fun effect. This gives an otherwise standard room (found in many starter homes) some architectural dimension and it gives you a way to break up your art on the wall and make it more interesting (e.g. you can now hang art above, below or in between the stripe). Don’t be afraid to try some new color, the worst that will happen is you will have to repaint the wall again if you hate it. Painting is a great weekend project and an affordable update with a lot of bang for your buck.

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