how to use travel to improve your home

Travel Photography - Pink New Orleans- cafenatalie

The best home decor is something that reflects your personal style and what more reflects your style than your travel photography? If you have cool, colorful shots from a travel destination, blow them up to an 8×10 or 11×14 size and then mat and frame them. They will look good and give you a daily reminder of some great trip memories.

Travel Photography - Scooter and Graffiti- Photo Larks

I prefer to use architectural photos because I think architecture speaks monumentally about a place and photography of architecture is a timeless archive. I do also like to enlarge and frame unexpected scenes like this scooter above.

Venice Italy Murano Photograph- ChaseLindberg

Basically anything from Venice is frame-able the whole area is filled with dreamy scenes like the one pictured above, however, I love this particular one because of it’s intensely bright colors.

Seaview Cafe Hope Alaska- TravelingGalPhotos

Historical cafes and houses also make great subjects. You can even enlarge them in black and white for  a modern home decor approach. My easy advice on capturing the perfect scene, take lots and lots of photos while traveling. When you get home you can sift through and edit the ones that you think would look well in your home, reflect your style and help you remember a great adventure.

San Francisco Colorful Houses Photography- JessaMaePhoto

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