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Olive Green Desk- PoppySeedLiving

New year, new thoughts right? Resolutions and the like? Well, maybe before we can have our light bulb epiphanies of 2012 we need the perfect office set up… and the office centers around the desk. A place to think… or stare into space… a place to type, write, sew, read, pay bills, chat, craft or whatever you fancy.

My desk is awesome… a perfect fit and when I sit at it and work I feel like it is my own mini dream island getaway…. a place I can get lost in. So how did I pick my desk? I knew I wanted a desk that had style and that either was or looked vintage because that is the a look I love. I also had to think about the intentions of my desk, what would I use it for? For me that would be crafting, sewing and writing. So I wanted a place where I could comfortably sew and sketch and type here and there. I also have tons of crafting supplies and have been currently making a lot of pillows so I needed storage and lots of it. I chose my desk because It came with a hutch attachment that has the perfect amount of storage for all of my stuff.

Vintage Secretary's Desk- Stone Bentley Creations

I recommend thinking about the things you might use your desk for and looking for something with some real style. Garage sales, etsy and secondhand stores have a lot of refurbished desks or furniture that you can make into a perfect desk with a little paint and some will power. Be sure to grab some cool containers for storage of pens, pencils and crafting supplies if you craft or need storage. Cans, jars and canisters work well for small items you need to organize. Storage containers and a cool lamp can really bring life into your personal space. I love the apothecary jars that contain my buttons. They make my desk look great as a design piece while being more than functional.

Vintage 60s Desk- Vintage Art and Goods

If you are looking for some cool vintage desks I have put together a guide here that you may enjoy. Claim your space for thinking, its good for your mind and your soul.

New Year, New Thoughts, New Desk

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