Does a small house make for a big life?

One of my friends recently brought up a great point, she says she loved growing up with a big family (5 kids and about 7 dogs) in a small house. In the new age of  burst bubbles made of million … Continue reading

how to chose the right pillows for your space

Tara Pillow- amy+mayd

I always gravitate toward colorful pillows because I feel like they are simply an art piece for your furniture. They help accentuate your design personality by making your furniture stand out and when arranged with care, brights and patterns can … Continue reading

a letter for simple charming decor

Great decor can be as simple as the letters in your name or monogram. There are all sorts of letter options on Etsy from monograms, to wall art to a personalized wooden letter name… it’s all there. Using your last … Continue reading

imperfect reclaimed wood coffee tables beckon to be used

Although the Etsy shop bird loft carries more than just furniture, I think their coffee tables and console table really standout of the crowd. These upcycled rustic pieces are just gorgeous. I love this photo, I can just imagine having some Sunday … Continue reading

great outdoor items for your patio and garden

How cool is this full size tipi? It would make an excellent backyard centerpiece that is both interesting and unique and bonus, if you have kids it can be used as a clubhouse! Here is a list of some great … Continue reading

how to arrange flowers and make your own bouquets

For today’s post, I’d like to introduce the basics of flower arranging.. something I have always been interested in. There are many things to learn and perfect in this art but for now I will start with the basics. I … Continue reading

update a furniture piece in thirty minutes

An easy way to update a dresser or your bathroom cabinets in about 30 minutes is to replace carpenter grade “stock” knobs, or drawer pulls with some colorful, vintage or antique stylish knobs. This incredibly simple home update can really … Continue reading

simple shutters add serious charm

I picked up six vintage shutters and two really cool vintage windows at a market a few weeks ago and I am so excited about how many different ideas I have come up with just looking at them! Right now, … Continue reading

how to make wall art from corks

Here is an easy way to  capture some of your better wine nights and make them into an artful memory or at least a conversation piece for your next wine night! Start by collecting corks. Wine and champagne. I’d just swipe mine from … Continue reading