a gift for your sister with free printable

a gift for your sister

I made this cute bird art for my little girls’ nursery but I thought I’d share the printable version with you in case you wanted to make a gift for your sister. I was truly inspired to make this piece for my girls’ room because I know just how special having a sister is. I searched online and on etsy for some inspiration and came across this quote:

“Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends”

So I made this framed art by using photoshop to write out the quote and printing it on matte photo paper. Then I got two little wooden birds from michaels, about 30 cents each, and had Gemma paint them with pinks and whites. I glued them in place when they were dry and framed the whole piece in a white frame with a white mat.

You can easily make this art piece too with a little bit of time. I think it would make a great gift if you have a sister. Here is the printable pdf if you would like to download it:

Sisters Printable PDF


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