A Blue Christmas…

Blue Christmas Lights- Holiday Road

I think I am going to go Blue with my Christmas decor this year. I am in this nostalgic spirit that Blue really emulates. Blue is unexpected for Christmas but so beautiful… it reminds me of this Ceramic Christmas tree that my mom had while we were growing up… it wasnt all blue but it was beautiful, colorful and had pretty snow on it. I am not sure exactly where she got it from but I will always remember it and somehow even though I have never experienced a real “white Christmas” as I am from California, decorating with blue brings out the wintery snow and frosty feeling. I am ready for hot coco and those old-time reruns of “frosty the snowman” and “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” in claymation form… do you remember those? Here is a link to some beautiful, inspiring items I found on Etsy that sing “Blue Christmas”.

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