can young siblings share a room?

Purple Nursery

Purple Nursery- Project Nursery

I am sitting here researching if this can actually be done. I love the idea of my two baby girls sharing a room. I know that in the beginning baby sister will sleep in our room but I would love to move her into her big sister’s room at about the 4mo. range.

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I feel sharing a room (when small) will foster a great sense of attachment and bonding between our daughters and I am all for developing this complex relationship at an early stage. I have two sisters and at different times we all shared rooms.. when we were younger, I think it gave us a sense of security that we had a buddy in the same room who may also be afraid of the dark or wake up from a bad dream. I’m not so sure the concept would work well later on, at some point we all needed our own space.

DIY Nursery

DIY Nursery – Project Nursery

Anyway, I would like to give this a shot with my girls so I am researching and tapping into my design skills trying to make a very efficient space plan as our  bedrooms are tiny. We actually have two rooms plenty of space for both girls but I really would like to give this a try before opting to separate them. Has anyone had any success with this? Any tips or tricks?

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