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Lungwort- living the country life

Last week, I wrote about my shady garden area that I am trying to design and needing to find plants for. So I have done a little research and here are a few cool plants that grow well in the shade. The first, shown above is the Lungwort that I found in an article on living the country life, top ten shade plants. I really like the purple flowers this plant produces.


Hosta- BHG

Better Homes & Gardens recommends Hostas as one of their “Best Perennials for Shade” . I really think these look cool in multiple varieties as seen in this photo above.


Heucheras- QC Times

The heucheras are a cool colorful plant that have been bred to produce an almost rainbow variety of leaves. These would be really cool against the bottom of my fence.

The Oregonian Trillium kurabayashii

The Oregonian Trillium kurabayashii- Oregon Live

And I love this last one the “Oregonian” with its cool maroon colored blooms. I still need to read a lot on if our climate could actually host these plants but they are really vibrant and I am glad I found them.

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