20 things I need to teach my daughters

20 things to teach my daughters
20 things to teach my daughters
20 things to teach my daughters
Being a parent is tough isn’t it? Wow. Let’s just take a moment and contemplate that.
Among all of my children’s basic needs food, clothing and shelter.. I like most other mothers (I hope) endeavor to teach my children many wonderful things, ideals that will leave a lasting impression on their hearts. One I hope I live long enough to see. An impression on them that I may one day have the knowledge that I did a good job raising them.
Every day I can think of hundreds of things I want them to know and hundreds of things I hope I am being a good example of but I wanted to make a list of at least 20 things to teach my daughters… maybe if I feel like I have gotten through these I can start a new list at some point. And like last week, when I was reflecting on myself here, I realized that they probably teach me more than I them at times. A lot of the items on this list are things that have come to me through watching them…
  1. to know and love God, because this relationship is ultimately the most important.
  2. how to cook, because it is an art and I don’t want them to starve in college.
  3. that a man cannot provide happiness, because when you think that happiness is found in a man alone, you can compromise your sense of self.
  4. how to be a mother, because I hope they will get to experience the joy they have brought me and I hope I can be a good example for them.
  5. to cultivate their interests and talents, because it is important to always maintain a sense of self and passion in one’s life.
  6. to laugh, to not lose their childish charm, because my husband is really good at this and sometimes it is all you need to appreciate your day.
  7. to not be too serious, because I have a HUGE problem with this and I don’t want my girls to take everything too seriously.
  8. that we will always accept them, no matter what they will always have a home and parents to come back to, unconditionally.
  9. to love and trust each other, because a sister can be the most cherished woman in your life.
  10. to cherish good friendships, because they are hard to come by.
  11. right from wrong, because I want them to have the wisdom to make their own decisions  and the knowledge that they will make the right ones.
  12. about art, because I love art and creativity and I want my daughters to be exposed to it.
  13. to be strong and not compromise themselves, because there will come a time in their lives that they will be tempted to compromise themselves and I want them to know how to react and have the ability to stand for their beliefs.
  14. to have fun, but not be excessive, because the world can be a dangerous place and I want them to be safe.
  15. that family is forever
  16. to let go, of things in their life that they outgrow or situations which are out of their control.
  17. to love nature, to experience the beautiful world we live in.
  18. about money, because it takes a lot of good sense to manage.
  19. that they are special, because there is no one like them.
  20. that sometimes adults are wrong, because it’s true.
What do you endeavor to teach your children? What would you want your legacy to be?


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