repurpose scrap metal for a fresh outdoor life

Recycled Metal Fence- Fine Craft Guild

When you have scrap metal it is hard to think of new purposes for it.. I’ll admit this is a rare occasion for me however, the projects I have found and contain in this post are inspiring me to possibly start hanging on or finding some. The fence above is a wonderful reuse of multiple types and colors of metal. The contrast makes the fence appear both modern and natural and it is tasteful enough to use as a fence even in a neighborhood setting. The pattern is almost reminiscent of a large-scale mosaic piece.

Rustic Daybed- Live Journal

Bringing an older daybed out to your patio is a great idea for a laid back seating option or a kid friendly rest area. I love this idea because it really breathes new life into a very old type of bed. Metal of this nature is sometimes just thrown out when we don’t know what else to do with it or have any other place to store it, but look how elegant this bed looks outdoors.

Metal Pipe Bed Edge- floradora

Lastly, what a great and very unique idea for a garden bed edge. The pipes themselves can even become planters. Before throwing materials of high quality away, always think in-depth and outside of the box  to find uses for them. Once they are thrown out you can’t easily recreate them and neither can our resources.

6 thoughts on “repurpose scrap metal for a fresh outdoor life

  1. The pipe border is fantastic. I always see those stamped concrete borders that people use and they seem so sterile. We have a rustic style home and this kind of idea would work. Thanks!

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