Christmas art kits for kids

I have a lot of new art kits for kids on board in my etsy shop for the holiday season that I wanted to share with you this week! These make great and unique gifts as well as entertaining activities for the littles during the holiday season and all the holiday gatherings you may have coming up the rest of this month. I will link each individual kit and these will be available to ship for free for a few more weeks!!

Christmas Tree Art Kit

Christmas Tree mini art kit, this kit has a little retro flare with the sweet buttons and beads. All supplies included in each kit.


Hawaiian Santa Art Kit

Hawaiian Santa mini art kit. Love this whimsical little elf with the ukulele!

Gnome Ornament

Gnome Ornament kits, I used these kits for my daughters’ classes this year and they were a big hit!

Clay Donut KitA

Clay donut mini art kit, this is one of my favorites and even includes a fun packet of ‘sprinkles’!!

Donut Art Kit

Donut Mega Art Kit, this kit includes three art projects and is so much fun for donut lovers!!

Stocking Art Kit

Christmas Stocking mini art kit, different colors and I love it! Perfect activity for kids at a Christmas event.

Plant art kit

Perky Plant mini art kit. I love plants and anything green so I wanted to design a kit that was fun and touched on gardening!

Plant art kit

Starter Watercolor kit

The watercolor starter kit is the perfect gift for a budding artist; you’ll receive all of my favorite brushes, paints and watercolor paper!

I hope you enjoyed checking out these fun kits. I really love making these and feel they are so beneficial for children and even adults!

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