Christmas Art for Kids

Christmas Art for Kids

This month has been a busy one but also it’s been full of inspiration! I’ve loved crafting with my kids and getting to try some new fun ideas! I’ve really been working on the sensory side of Art this season … Continue reading

How to paint a rainbow pineapple

Help kids learn to paint a pineapple with watercolor using our tutorial!

Pineapples are so trendy right now! This week I’ve got a new watercolor tutorial up on Youtube with step by step instructions on how to paint a rainbow pineapple! My little daughter and I had a lot of fun learning … Continue reading

Painting for Kids- Outdoor Sheet Painting

Use a plain white sheet for outdoor painting for kids! We used watercolors and created a beautiful tent. This is a great project for a lazy Summer day.

I have many different painting for kids posts that you can find here but this week I wanted to share a really fun and easy outdoor idea. I was inspired by the documentary I just watched with my kids Given. I … Continue reading

Berry Basket Painting for Kids

berry basket painting for kids, a great Summer project for art with your little ones at home. Click through for tips on this project.

This week, we used the Strawberry Festival in our hometown as inspiration and used our leftover strawberry baskets to create printed cards. Berry baskets worked well as painting for kids. We used tempra and acrylic paint in blues and greens … Continue reading