dress up your dinner, easy ways to make a basic dinner fabulous

salmon dinner

salmon dinner- amy+mayd

What’s for dinner tonight? Well, I think we all have some go-to meals that are our “easy to pull off by dinner time so that we have dinner” meals, well let’s talk about how to lift a basic dinner up to a more delicious restaurant quality meal.

I was making this “basic” salmon and mashed potatoes meal last week when the idea of dressing up dinner came to mind. This meal consisted of salmon, mashed potatoes, salad and sourdough toast. Now for the dress up that makes it magical!

Dress Up salmon: With garlic and butter

Dress Up mashed potatoes: With garlic salt, sour cream and cheddar cheese

Dress Up a basic garden salad: With a boiled egg

Dress Up basic buttered toast: With swapping it for sourdough and adding a little garlic or cheese

So to take a basic dinner to a new level, think of this handy acronym:


  • Elevate the basics with spices (Like garlic on fish and/or mashed potatoes)
  • Add something unexpected but complementary (Like a hard-boiled egg to a basic garden salad)
  • Think of easy swaps you can make (Like a special bread instead of your basic bread)

What is your basic go-to meal? Can you use the EAT acronym to dress up your meal?



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