Healthy kid snacks plus printable grocery list

Hey everyone! This week, my meal plan is going to be  healthy kid snacks, don’t worry they can also be for adults!  We all love snacking, well at least Gemma and I do, and I like to make sure that I get enough healthy mini-meals into our day as possible. Here are some ideas for your week plus a printable plan and grocery list!

Kid Snacks


Healthy Kid Snacks Grocery List

All of the recipes I chose are easy to make and I think Gemma could even make them with me. She loves to help me cook! I chose a sorbet and a smoothie too which are always kid pleasers. Which one looks good to you?

Here are the directions:

Grilled Avocado on Toast

Cucumber Blueberry Smoothie

Sweet Potato Chips

Strawberry and Honey Sorbet

Easy Grilled Veggies

And here are the printable plan and grocery list:

Healthy Kid Snacks Grocery List

Healthy Kid Snacks Weekly Plan

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