its coupon day

Today is Sunday and Sunday is.. coupon day! There are a lot of misconceptions about coupons and bargain shopping in general but I am here to tell you that couponing is nothing…..but smart! Maybe you’ve seen the show extreme couponing? Maybe you thought the people on it were a little nuts, slightly outrageous and you wouldn’t be caught dead in a supermarket holding up a line of shoppers with your coupon stash?

Well let me tell you why you should use coupons. Besides the obvious coupons= more money in your pocket, couponing is so easy and so worth the effort. All you need is a Sunday paper or a computer and printer (many stores offer printable coupons) and a pair of scissors. It helps if you know what you are looking for. for instance, if you are wanting to get craft supplies, you will want to start becoming aware of the Micheal’s coupons online and in your Sunday paper where you can often save 40-50% on one item.  Other places to look for coupons are in your favorite craft or hobby magazines.

I am here to make an advocate out of you, if you look close enough you will notice coupons on most anything you buy. I encourage you to take advantage of a freebie in life because they don’t come along often. Just be sure to pay attention to the fine print and the expiration date. for a great read on couponing and how to save money in general check out my “Reads” section. In the meantime, check out the Michael’s Weekly Ad (be sure to check your area-specific ad) for some crafty coupons.

Also, side note… if you need candy for the holidays, stocking stuffers etc. it will be super-reduced on Nov.1st after the Halloween Rush. What’s inside the package usually doesn’t look Halloween themed like the outside of the package, just a thought.

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