top gifts for moms-to-be

tis the season for buying and if you have a few new moms on your list or are heading to a baby shower anytime soon I have a few ideas for you. By far my top… can’t live without through the first year baby products are as follows along with a few of my personal favorite gifts:



Boppy Pillow

The Boppy…is fantastic… I lived with this thing around my waist last winter… it is the perfect feeding pillow for an infant. A must have.

Medela Breast Pump


You may not want to think about Breast pumps but… if you are nursing or planning on nursing returning to work… you have to have this breast pump. It is expensive yes, but worth every penny.

Sassy Teething Feeder


When I first saw this product in use, I’ll admit I was a little disgusted thinking what is this thing? But when you have a fussy teething baby on your hands this thing becomes your new best friend! Put an ice cube in it or a slice of apple and the tiny teether can munch all he or she wants with no worry of choking… the best thing Ever!


When you have a baby you will realize you NEED a humidifier… my mom ran out and got my husband and I one when our little girl was 1 day old. Babies can be somewhat stuffy when they are first born and not to mention if your baby is born in the winter and you have the heater on… you need humidity put back into your air. The first cold our baby caught was so much easier on her because she could breathe well with the humidifier at night. You need one.

Baby Tub

A new parent needs a baby infant tub, although a sink works best in the first few days… soon your wiggly little bundle will grab at the faucet and has the risk of turning on the hot water while you are trying to bathe him/her. This tub worked well for our little girl for the first 8 months. You can remove the infant net when your baby can sit up to give him/her more freedom to move around, yet keep them safely positioned in the bathtub.

Wearable Blanket

Wearable blankets, I found, worked best at night for my moving daughter. They are safer than blankets that are free floating in the baby bed and are just as warm. Always read all of the warnings on anything you sleep your baby in.

aden and anais blankets

These blankets are my favorite… they are light and versatile. I have used them for picnics in the park, nursing and sleeping. Fantastic baby blankets.

Baby Travel

I love my Eddie Bauer Travel System.. I used the infant carrier for the first 8 months of my daughter’s life and am still using the stroller now that she is over one. It is amazing.

Baby Toys

The links (pictured in the top left of the photo above) were one of the first toys I gave my baby.. they taught her dexterity and she absolutely loved them and still picks them up sometimes. Perfect first toys!

Best Bottle

By far… the best baby bottles! They are fabulous…. minimize air flowing into the mouth and are the perfect sizes. Love them!


Clearly, this is not the entire list of things that I used through my first year of motherhood but it is a beginning and some of the items that stand out to me. Also great gifts are those I received that were personalized and hand-made. I received a cross stitch of the letter “G” for my daughter’s name and a beautiful watercolor from a friend.

On my website I also sell handmade gifts and am starting to make more and more baby items.

here are a few that I have available! I am also taking custom holiday orders so if you have an idea let me know!

Lollipop Wall Art


New Baby Card



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