Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Hello November! I have a bunch of Thanksgiving and Fall crafts and art projects to keep the kiddos busy over break. I just thought I would update the ol’ blog here with some new work I’ve come up with lately. For more information on each project follow along on instagram. Many of these projects have short video tutorials that can be found on insta and youtube.


This process art project allows kids to splatter watercolor and then use a sharpie to find flower shapes within their splatter art. My girls loved this project and there is a video here.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


The other day I started to put together a Thanksgiving craft tray for the kids and wanted to add play dough. I decided to try natural dye for the color and use turmeric. You can find my play dough recipe here. You’ll simply boil some water and add about a teaspoon of turmeric and stir until you get the desired color. Substitute the water in the play dough recipe with one cup of the boiled turmeric water to naturally dye your play dough. I also added cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice for a sweet festive Thanksgiving smell.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Next up I’ve created some Thanksgiving craft play trays. You would not believe how long my kids played with these, they really spark all kinds of imaginative play and crafting. My six year old particularly has been into the tray idea. She’s been crafting it up for hours with the little tray pieces. Some ideas of things to add are:

  • little trinkets
  • buttons
  • flowers
  • felt
  • play dough
  • small blocks
  • beads
  • string
  • fairy garden items
  • pipe cleaners
  • rocks

Fall Crafts for kidsThanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


We tried husking and glueing, painting and rolling corn this week too. This is a simple and inexpensive craft that can be really fun for kids around thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Here are some fun watercolor projects I put out the past few weeks as well. We have, how to paint oranges, Fall trees in watercolor, Fall buildings in watercolor and Marbled paper! Again, you can find more info about these projects and many more on my instagram.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


A sweet upcycle project, reuse your old crayons by taking of their wrappers and and putting them in silicone baking cups to melt and create new crayon shapes. Toddlers love them!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Dye coffee filters with old watercolor sets that you aren’t using anymore or that have gotten worn out. This is another fun upcycle that you can use as a Thanksgiving craft. Dyed coffee filters are fun for kids in a sensory way and you can use them to create decorations, other crafts or cool flowers, See you next time with new ideas. Pin the ones you love!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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