make your bathroom bigger this weekend

Dwell Vintage Birds- Maison Boutique

I really like shower curtains in a standard bathroom, shower/tub combo. The reason being is I think they look cleaner, more modern and more relaxed than glass sliding doors. This is one of the easiest weekend projects you can tackle yourself in a few hours and add instant update to your bathroom style.

PINK ruffles shower curtain- Butterfly Above

I am torn. I either really like layered, linen/cottage/country looking shower curtains or really bold modern prints. Whatever your taste, this project is a great one because it frees up interstitial space and breaks down the boundary imposed by a shower door making your bathroom seem and feel much larger. A bonus is many showers contain an overhead window or skylight so pulling back the curtain when not in use can really add some gorgeous glow into your space.

Premier Prints Lipstick Slub- elisabethmichael

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