how to artfully arrange a book shelf

Mid Century Wooden Book Case- Hindsvik

A common misconception is that book cases and shelves are intended only for books. Most of us like reading, or at least looking at pictures, but most people do not have a full on library in their home and often use book cases as the modern day storage showcase.

Reclaimed Wood- Blake Avenue Furniture

These reclaimed, vintage book cases really add a lot of character to a room with their charming detail. The key in arranging your cases or shelves is to mix some of your personality and favorite items for display alongside your books.

Reclaimed Home Library- Blake Avenue Furniture

You can arrange books by color scheme as well, so while out book shopping or antiquing, look for books that have colorful bindings (you can be surprised what colors are under those book jackets!). Don’t be afraid to add a personal photo or a plant or a colorful pitcher to your shelf either… something funky to break up the monotony usually works magic.

Vintage Books, Turquoise/ Browns- thisOtherthing

Lastly, when arranging books, place some in the traditional stance but also, don’t be afraid to mix it up with some lying on their sides and some with pages, not binding facing outward. All of these little moves will give your shelves and home a bit of whimsical character.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve stuck paintings, family heirlooms, even interesting bottles on my shelves. Liven things up and makes the shelves look as loved as they really are.

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