create an island getaway in your kitchen

Antique Farmhouse Table Island - ingenuityondisplay

I think a kitchen island can be the modern-day hearth of the home as we tend to congregate in the kitchen area to eat and taste what’s being cooked. An island is  a place to cook, make a mess, be creative, throw things  when you walk in the door arms full and even dine on. I love the space for my kitchen island but I am ready for a new look. I would like something more rustic and country looking, with a butcher block top (because I love to cook) and something that is beautiful in its own right… gets better with use. The antique piece above would be a great starting point for what I am thinking of, it has great character.

Weekend Sale Soda Crate - ingenuityondisplay

If you find a large-scale vintage table with a truly sturdy and sufficient wood surface you could easily add planks to the bottom of it to create a storage shelf. Old-fashioned milk or soda crates would work perfectly to set atop a low shelf and have many slots for storage organization.

Commercial Vintage Butcher Block Table- BAGACAUSE

These custom-built islands are good options I found on Etsy as well. I love all of the storage they already have built-in. You could easily install some hooks on the underside of a butcher-block top to hang pots and pans for extra storage.

Kitchen Island- michaelmaloney10

Don’t under-estimate your taste in large-scale antique pieces. They have great character and it is hard to find something as special.

custom reclaimed wood kitchen island- oldbarnstar1

Kitchen Island- columbiawoodfurnish

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