create an outdoor vanity space for your yard

Empty Painted Picture Frames- RetroPops

I love to bring the outdoors inside but today I want to talk about the opposite effect. If you have a fence in your backyard you can add a little personality to your outdoor space by creating a little outdoor vanity. First you can repurpose some old picture frames for this project by removing the glass and painting them multiple colors or one color that you really want to incorporate in your backyard.

Rustic Floating Wood Shelf – ReclaimedTrends

Next mount a rustic style shelf on your fence just as you would indoors. You can then arrange the picture frames above the shelf along with a repurposed mirror to create a cool outdoor vanity space. You can add decor items like potted plants and garden statues or tools that go with your outdoor theme.

This is a really simple project but would add a lot of old garden house character to your backyard. If you have children you could even tailor this project to fit a child’s theme in their outdoor play area. I think it will be fun to try this and adding personal touches could really make it cool. Any other ideas out there to add to this thought?

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