New Free Printables

Happy New Year everyone! Seems as though the years are passing quicker and quicker as my kids and I get older. Every year just seems to fly by.

AAT_pansy watercolor AAT_YellowFlower AAT_ShellBeach

I wanted to hop on and tell you about my free printables page! I have had this page for a long time but recently have added quite a lot of content to it. You can now print my art for free!! Yay, time to update your rooms with a little Amy art. I would be so honored if you wanted to. I will be updating this page periodically so always be sure to check here for free printables. Here are three paintings that have just been added. I recommend printing these on photo paper or having them printed at a local print shop.

I will be adding art and art element pages that go along with my YouTube art lessons but that are also just cool to study painting with! Here are a few art element pages:

Beach Landscape printable Blue Doodles Printable

Here are the links to those video tutorials so you can follow along and see how to paint a Beach Landscape or Blue Doodles. I had a lot of fun putting these tutorials together so I hope you’ll enjoy them!

I am wishing you a wonderful start to 2022 and hope that you will check back soon and scope out my instagram and etsy for tons of art inspiration!


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