taking time for nothing

morning out our kitchen window

morning out our kitchen window

I am admittedly SO bad at this. I was always a “busy body” but since becoming a mom I feel like I’ve turned into busy body hyper overdrive. Yikes. Case in point at this very moment my daughters are both napping (wowza!) and I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s like “the list” appears in my brain: finish laundry, clean the bathrooms, work on your blog, start dinner, etc. etc. but in reality, I do these things what feels like nonstop for 24-hours a day, lately, I’m getting up at 4am to nurse Summer and she is going back to sleep but I am just starting the day. Sooooo I guess I should stop and do NOTHING. Like sit my butt on the couch and just veggggg.

This is not a post trying to make my readers feel sorry for me.. it is simply a mental note to self, remember that you don’t literally always have to be doing something you can just take time for nothing. So that’s what I should do before they both wake up. And probably try to incorporate some of that into this weekend. By the way, happy weekend!


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