backyard art inspired by Antoni Gaudi

Guadi mosaic

I have an architectural obsession with the work of Antoni Gaudi the Spanish architect known for his beautiful stone and mosaic cathedrals and public spaces. His work flows and his detail is unmatched. I have a lot of colorful tile left over from projects here and there and since I am working on my garden and my daughter’s play space this spring, I wanted to start searching for some cool mosaic projects.

Mosaic "Mexican" style flower pot

I love this pot and this egg, their amazing color mimic the color Gaudi uses which is something I think I want to incorporate. I am thinking of making a mosaic tile art piece that inspires imaginative play for my daughter. I either want to cast it and frame it to hang on the fence by her sandbox or I want to build it right into the ground. I think either would be really nice.

Large Mosaic Egg garden decor-Vividhome

I really like this mosaic letter idea from inspired by nature as well. Incorporating the alphabet into my daughters play garden area would be a cool idea.

Wall Hanging Monogram- natureinspiredcrafts

Below I have found a stepping stone that is bright and vivid. Stepping stones or a cool mosaic path could be another project. I love the colors in this one below!

Red Hot Heart Mosaic Stepping Stone- brendapokorny

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