yard sale steals


For my 30th birthday we went on a little mini vacation to the central coast for a few nights. When we planned the trip, we didn’t know that one of the small towns was having a city-wide yard sale that weekend. We were staying in a house in a neighborhood so it was really fun to wake up Saturday morning, have a celebratory mimosa, and head on down the street to do a little junk shopping!

I was on the hunt for some specific tables for a project, I’ll post about soon, but my mom happened to see this turquoise glass dish set that was an incredible steal for $10 bucks! It matches my wedding china pattern well so I had to get it. (the set included: 3 large bowls, 4 small bowls, 9 small plates and 9 large plates)

At the end of our yard sale adventure, I walked by a table and saw these little Chinese plates that were so pretty I had to get them too. These will also be part of an upcoming project; I really couldn’t resist their colors and patterns. I am researching them now trying to figure out if they are real Cloisonne. I ended up with 7 of them for $5. I only spent $28 dollars that day but came home with some great treasures!







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