Valentines Art Projects


Are you hosting a Valentines party this year? Looking for Valentines art for your kiddos?? I’ve got some ideas today to keep all ages entertained, even parents! I’ve put together a few new art kits that you can purchase here. I have Valentines Day craft kits and card making with all the fun odds and ends you need to make beautiful handmade cards and crafts!


Next up, I have a lot of free, fun art videos you can enjoy with your kiddos and learn how to paint something fun like these pretty Rose Cards, made by painting with roses! My kiddos loved this activity, it is so fun because it allows kids to experiment with an unordinary rose paintbrush!


Last Valentines Day I made this beautiful rose scented playdough for a little party I had for my kids and their friends and it was a big hit! I used rose candle scent to get the best smell! I usually use essential oils but didn’t have any rose on hand so I grabbed a few drops from our Christmas candle-making supplies. It worked beautifully and a year later it still smells amazing! Here is the link to my Playdough recipe!

I make playdough boards using a cutting board, flowers and Valentines odds and ends, a rolling pen, heart shaped cookie cutters and silicone molds and let the kids be Valentines Bakers! So much fun!

Here are a few more Valentines Art watercolor projects you can follow along with on my YouTube channel!

Learn to paint a heart succulent planter or a blendy rose, or even some Valentines Balloons!

Lastly, try a Valentines Art washi tape heart, such a simple and easy project, try snap bead playdough art or even using clothespins to make a flower!! There are so many simple ideas that you and your kids can do at home to have fun! Happy Valentines Day and don’t forget to check out my instagram for lots of art ideas!!


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