host a halloween cocktail party!

Goblin Mimosas- Second City Soiree

Goblin Mimosas- Second City Soiree

If you are in the mood for a Halloween Party check out these spooky cocktails. They can really add some charm to a party and would be fun to put together. If you are like me you might need one of these to work up the nerve to actually put on your costume. Hah!  Check out these charming cocktails, I have listed their ingredients and added links to the directions on each.

Goblin Mimosas: 

Pulp-free Orange Juice
Black Vodka
Cherries, pitted
Cream Cheese

Goblin Mimosas how to

Black Widow Cocktail- Talk of Tomatoes

Black Widow Cocktail- Talk of Tomatoes

The black widow looks super creepy! Could visualize these at a costume party for sure.

Black Widow:
Cream de Cassis
triple sec
fresh lemon juice
Pomegranate juice
licorice strings

Black Widow cocktail how to

Blood Drip- Hostess with the Mostess

Blood Drip- Hostess with the Mostess

This cocktail how to is all about adding cool rims to your martini glasses before the crowd arrives. You can refill them with “Vampire Blood” cocktails all night!

Blood Drip Martini Rim:

1 c. Sugar
1/2 c. Karo Syrup
1/2 c. Water
Red Food Coloring

The “blood rim” is made from the same kind of mixture as you’d use to make hard candy.

Creepy “Blood Rim” how to

Midori Melon Eye-Tini- Arizona Foothills

Midori Melon Eye-Tini- Arizona Foothills

Love the bright green and red blood in this one! Yum…

Midori Melon Eye-Tini:

1 ¼ parts Midori Melon liqueur
¾ parts SKYY Infusions Citrus
½ part Finest Call Agave Syrup
2 parts of Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale
2 parts Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix
3 Orange Wedges
2 Fresh Ripped Basil Leaves
Strawberry Sundae Syrup

Midori Melon Eye-Tini how to

Pumpkin Cooler- Southern Living

Pumpkin Cooler- Southern Living

Lastly, if you aren’t a cocktail kitchen maid, try stuffing your good ol’ fashioned beers in this awesome pumpkin cooler! Read here for the Pumpkin Cooler how to

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  1. This one is great!!! Do they have any ice cream alcoholic drinks???

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  2. These look so fin that i just want to make and drink ALL of them…Hahaha. I love the goblin Mimosa…they look so cute.

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