making storage from an old shutter

I had a few old shutters from my parents old house laying around and a friend and I started talking about making storage from an old shutter so this is what we came up with! She needed it because she … Continue reading

oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

  Today I thought I would share an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe! Do you ever notice how a long weekend makes for a short week? Long weekends of restful family time and finishing a few big projects have left … Continue reading

toddler dress up storage solution

toddler storage

If you are a mom of a little girl then you may understand this pressing need I have to share. How do you find toddler dress up storage? Where do you put wands, crowns, purses and all of those TUTU’s??? … Continue reading

how to make signs with text

I love signs with text and cute quotes. I was inspired to make this piece by this post from little miss momma on choosing a family motto. I started thinking about what our family motto might be and this is … Continue reading

the realities of raising chickens

raising chickens

A lot of my friends have been interested in raising their own chickens in their suburban areas so I thought I would write a post on the realities of this age-old venture. Many of you know that my dad is … Continue reading

sewing a maxi dress

You can sew a simple maxi dress using a white tank top and printed fabric! This tutorial is so simple and turns out great.

Update- 06/06/17 I wrote this maxi dress post a few years ago so I am going to take a moment to update it with some links and useful information. The original post I’ll leave below italicized. I made this dress … Continue reading

DIY hand dyed bag

DIY hand dyed bag

I’ve never dyed any fabric in my life but I have to admit, I realized doing this project, it is really fun and pretty simple too! I just completed this bag for my sister this past week as a birthday … Continue reading

a great way to store toddler art

felt flower clothespins

I came up with another use for felt flowers! Gemma and I like to do a lot of painting and I like to keep as many of her art pieces as I can but then there becomes the isuue of where … Continue reading

four broad tips on how to organize your entire house

I am going to start a series here with four broad tips on how to organize your ENTIRE house. Today’s post will be about the methods that I used to get our house under control and out of clutter which … Continue reading

how to save money by shopping at the dollar store

dollar store fedora

Okay, usually I would not post a pic of myself like this in a post… especially at 8.5 months pregnant!! But I had to because you won’t flipping believe where I got this fedora!?! The dollar store! You can’t be … Continue reading