inspired by the night..

Oversized Black Pattern Armchair- Metrosofa

We can sometimes steer clear of dark furniture and decor in fear of giving off the wrong impression in our home as dark and Gothic, weird and eerie. However, used subtlety dark color schemes can have a dramatic and elegant feel. This chair above by metrosofa can be a stand-alone piece in a room filled with only touches of dark, but that is mostly white or light in color.

Stagecoach Transportation Upcycled Book Art -Vintage Book Prints

I adore the print above as an art piece that draws just touches of a darker edge into a room. The stagecoach is vintage and almost even ghostly but it would give the perfect story-line placed somewhere unexpected like a toilet room.

Lacy bird bowl in deep teal- PrinceDesignUK

Likewise, this soap dish is elegant and deep. Not something you might find everyday in a toilet room or by a kitchen sink which makes it standout and give your room more depth.

Midtown Manhattan - antonyz

Finally, I have to add a dark smokey New York Street scene. What is the dark side of night without an iconic New York image such as this? Scenes like this play out in our favorite movies and maybe as decor in a unique restaurant but have you ever thought of bringing this kind of edge into your home? I think this kind of work is somewhat taboo for home decor but I couldn’t disagree more; it should truly be embraced in small bits and pieces to add passion to your home.

If you are interested in some more decor and dark inspiration check out this

Lady Gaga image treasury I have collected: “I’m gonna Marry the Night”

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