spooky Halloween movies to rent

Happy Halloween everyone! Here are five spooky movies to rent if you have nothing to do this evening, you can host your own spooky party! Hope you all have a fun and safe day!  

best holiday pies

pumpkin cream pie

Today lets talk about pie! I want to share three holiday pie recipes from Martha Stewart that I have grown to love. Martha Stewart’s recipes are intense sometimes but they are always, in my opinion, worth the extra effort. Most … Continue reading

funny halloween costumes just to make you grin

I love home-made Halloween costumes and I love funny or witty costumes the best. I chose a few costumes I thought were funny to brighten up your Monday. First up, it’s a mini Dwight!! If you are an Office fan … Continue reading

DIY bow and clip holder

DIY bow and clip holder- amy+mayd

If you know or have a little girl then you know about their little hair clips, bows, ties etc. They are many in number and tiny in size so how does one keep them organized? Well, short of throwing them … Continue reading

cool bar cart ideas, DIY projects and makeovers

With the holidays impending and bringing with them lots of guests popping in, dinner parties and hopefully a few quiet evenings near the fireplace, what better idea than to set up your very own old-fashioned bar cart? Here are a few gorgeous … Continue reading

cute Halloween candy ideas

So here is my dilemma  what to hand out to trick or treaters in my neighborhood? I want to have cool candy options for the little neighbor kids but when I get the little mini candy bars and typical Halloween candy, … Continue reading

dollar store crafts that are amazing

Never underestimate the dollar store again… all I have to say is whoa. I knew that the dollar store was the best bargain for basic off-brand staples in a pinch you know, tissue paper, paper plates, cheap picture frames etc. … Continue reading

inspirations for a playroom and office makeover

In our house, we have a great and pretty unique fourth room right off the living room and main entrance which has recently been turned into my office slash Gemma’s playroom. I am ready to paint and make it over … Continue reading

cool cakes and cake pops for your Saturday

Just some cool Saturday finds that might make you want to head to your nearest bakery! I’ve never seen illustrated cakes until this week… aren’t they fabulous? Extremely artful and detailed. Cake pops are so beautiful in different colors and equally as scrumptious, you … Continue reading

10 DIY projects for tin can repurpose

Who knew tin cans could be so beautiful? I love these repurpose projects that are simple and easy! These tins are covered in pretty paper and topped off with ribbon. Great vases for a party! Love organizers made with tin … Continue reading