make fake cake

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My oldest loves to play birthday. Anything related to making birthday cakes, real or play dough she’s game. We also like to have ourselves quite a few tea parties and picnics. Since she loves birthday cakes so much I decided to make her a fake cake to play with. I wanted it to be pretty and over the top, this is what I used.

fake cake_1

  •  empty containers, various sizes
  • a plastic plate
  • scrapbook paper
  • hot glue
  • fake flowers
  • birthday candles
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • mod podge

fake cake_2

I kept this project very simple:

  1. cut out scrapbook paper to fit top and sides of containers
  2. mod podged scrapbook paper to containers, with an outer coat as well
  3. hot glued the dried containers together to form the cake
  4. hot glued ribbon around the containers to add decor to the cake
  5. hot glued fake flowers to the cake in a circular pattern
  6. poked two holes into the top container using a hammer and nail
  7. poked candles into the holes I created on the top layer and pushed them into the cake until they were freestanding


So far Gemma loves this cake and we’ve had a few good birthday parties!



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