Wax Art Projects


Here is a fun series of experiments we created out of wax. The goal here was to experiment with an unfamiliar media with the kids and see what we can come up with, pretty open-ended. If your kids are like mine and love experiments they will absolutely love wax. You have to use it with a bit of caution because it does get hot when melted.

Here are some interesting ideas. The first thing we did was to purchase and melt a brick of common household paraffin wax, you can find it in the cleaning department of most grocery stores, again, use caution with the kids around hot wax but for the most part they can help stir and pour wax.


After the wax was melted, I had my daughter grab a sponge brush and paint wax on top of doilies that had been cut out, we also laid out wax paper to protect our counter form the wax spilling. The idea behind the doilies was just to get a translucent circle that we could hang up somewhere and catch some light. Here is the result and they turned out so beautiful! The wax art pulled right off of the wax paper very easily!



The other wax art project that we completed was using silicone molds and different little lids. This time we added wax to silicone heart molds and then sprinkled in flower petals. These turned out so well! The bigger wax art lid circles also turned out really beautiful! So far, all of these wax pieces have held up really well and are still as pretty as the day we cast them. You could also use soy wax as a substitute and these pieces are great for kids to play with as little treasures! Fun little science project for your kiddos!

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