what is your favorite weekend getaway?

Vintage Wool Blanket Olympiad- AmyKristineVintage

What is it about getting away to the mountains or the coast that is so relaxing? This weekend my husband and my daughter and I were lucky enough to have a quick getaway to a nearby mountain cabin. There is a lake right by the property and it was almost instant relaxation when we arrived.

Horse Photos- EyePoetryPhotography

I guess it is the lack of busy people and infrastructure that make our minds so full all the time. Or it could be the lack of having the latest and the greatest in home items and being relinquished to the old and functionable… like an old wool blanket, a working VCR, green carpet, 1970s wood furniture and a cast iron skillet.

Autumn, Fall, Tree- 8daysOfTreasures

Perhaps, it is the simple fact that you are getting away from the familiar.. or maybe it is the way nature encompasses all of your senses? Whatever it is, I like it, wish I could bottle it and hand it out now and then when we all need it. What is your favorite weekend getaway place?

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