a modern romance…

Dark Princess- Sparsh Glass

Your bedroom can be the scene for a modern romance all year-long if you incorporate some nice rich colors and memorable art. Personally, I love a purple, grey and black color scheme. It is unisex enough for a man and a woman, yet not too feminine. Purple adds just the romantic charm needed to soften the black and grey.

"Night Walk" - S.S.C. Photography and Digital Art

The San Francisco street scene photo above is just the type of art to set the stage for a comfy romantic bedroom. With art like this your space can transcend from a boring old room to a room with real personality that you don’t outgrow quickly. I also like to add a few personal photographs and some nice linens that match the color scheme.

Turkish Cotton Bath Towel- Turkish Towel

This Turkish towel is handwoven and a beautiful addition to a bedroom/bathroom master suite.

Dreaming Of Spring- Raine Style Home

I like a color scheme that matches but I like to pull items into a room that have different use of the colors, different shades and patterns. This cameo is cool and unexpected and incorporates purples and a striking black.

For more items that make a bedroom modern and romantic check out this link: Modern-Romantic-Bedroom

What makes a room modernly romantic to you?

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