easy backyard party decor for this holiday weekend

Kick off summer the right way this weekend by adding some easy, handmade decor to any memorial day party! These paper cones make a perfect colorful addition to welcome summer. You can hang them on chairs or on the wall and … Continue reading

how to use recycled cans to decorate your fence

Cans on a fence- amy+mayd

Awhile back, I posted some cute cans (in this post) I found on etsy. Feeling inspired by them, I decided to paint a few of my own and mix them in with some vintage labeled cans I have been collecting. A … Continue reading

post 100, a few new doors

I have been lolly-gagging on writing my 100th post because it seems like it should be something special or profound as it is a small milestone for me! Anyhow, I thought what better way to commemorate post 100 other than … Continue reading

empty perfume bottles, too pretty to toss

I was glancing at my perfume collection the other day and noticing how many of my scents are dwindling down to the last drop and was thinking I guess its time to toss these but how can you toss a … Continue reading

home forever or just for now?

Those of you who have bought a home know what a serious and daunting process it can be so I ask you this: When you bought your home, did you think ‘forever’ or ‘just for now’? It is a fair … Continue reading