Amy’s Art Table is a little blog that has evolved a lot in the past seven years. It started out as a place to document DIY projects, recipes, motherhood and art with my sweet little girls but it has grown into a place where you can find FUN and FREE art lessons, family projects, and creative living ideas! My goal is to bring creativity into your home and family in natural, positive and simple ways.

I still catalog all of my projects (DIY, Recipes & anecdotes) from the early days of Amy’s Art Table (check out the archives) and now offer new youtube videos, DIY projects and creative living resources on my site weekly that you can use at home to build a creative lifestyle for yourself and your family.

My background is in design and with an undergrad from Cal Poly in Architecture, I spent many years studying the language of design and its effect on all of us. When I had my first daughter in 2010 and became a SAHM, I knew I wanted my kids to be exposed to art and design as much as possible to build their creativity and help them achieve self expression and confidence through art. This practice has had a profound effect on my kids and has truly proved to me that art is a natural and amazing way to build our kids up! Now I want to share our process with you, through video tutorial art lessons, projects and fun art ideas you can do with your family! I am truly passionate about integrating art into the everyday life of my family and I know that your kids will love it too.

Along the way, I have learned so much about starting, building and running my own creative business and lifestyle. I would love to share what I have learned through trial and error of starting and running Amy’s Art Table. I am all about living the creative lifestyle with my family and empowering them (and hopefully you) to pursue a life you love and art that can be seamlessly woven into everyday!


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