Valentines Day Watercolor Cards for Kids

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Gemma and I made these simple little watercolor hearts the other day to share as Valentines. She hung them up with tape by our fireplace. This was a super simple Valentines Day project, similar to this one we did … Continue reading

simple Valentines cards

valentines card

Remember the days of cutting hearts out of construction paper? And lets not forget the stapled together envelopes that would hold all of your Valentines in class. Well, Gemma and I did some Valentines day card crafting of our own … Continue reading

what I am making for my husband for Valentines Day

frame the key to your first home

so after you have been together or ten years, what do you give your husband for Valentines  Day? I am inspired by this idea I found on pinterest…. the most addictive and fun website… EVER.

I want to frame a key of our first home because I know regardless of how long we stay here it will always be so special to both of us. And in the background of my frame instead of the newspaper shown above, I am going to type all of our older addresses because we lived together through college so we have a lot of old apartment addresses.

I hope he likes it. I know it is something we can cherish when we’re old! Happy love day to everyone out there!



your journey of love comes home

how do you incorporate your love of family, your favorite personal pictures and effects without going gaga all over your house and leaving visitors wondering if you are self-obsessed? Well, the old adage “Less is More” holds true in this … Continue reading

Love on a budget…….

Let’s face it, the holidays have been expensive but now Valentines day is right around the corner so we have to think of another gift for the one(s) we love that won’t break the bank but yet will show our … Continue reading